Hunter realizes he’s being hunted by bobcat

Have you ever been hunting, but felt as though you were the one being hunted? That’s just the feeling Logan Foster of Chester, S.C. felt one morning last month while duck hunting with a friend in a creek bottom that was known to hold ducks. But it wasn’t just a feeling. Foster realized before it was too late that a bobcat was waiting to attack, mistaking his wood duck calling for an early morning snack.


“As daylight approached, I could hear something walking behind in the brush. I didn’t think much of it, and as time passed, I was blowing my wood duck whistle, trying to get the attention of a lone woodie flying through the tree tops,” said Foster.

He heard the walking again, but this time, the sound was closer, and beside him instead of behind him.

“The walking sound came back, but this time it was beside me in the creek bed. I started looking harder and saw a black object creeping up slowly beside me in the grass. Suddenly, this huge bobcat jumped out and charged at me and my decoys, thinking I was a lone wood duck and his first easy meal of the day,” he said.

But Foster made quick work of the bobcat.

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