SCOPe Updates, March 2021

I hope everyone is getting outdoors and enjoying this spring weather.  Even up on the mountain, the bass are moving up on the bank and the trout are smiling.

This time of year we often focus on membership.  First, we encourage everyone to renew theirs if they haven’t.  Second, if you know others in the outdoor communications field who might benefit from joining SCOPe, please reach out to them and feel free to copy me and Pete to help twist their arms electronically.

Pat and Terry delivered an Asian pear tree to Jim Casada’s garden in memory of Ann and on behalf of SCOPe.  Ann was a delight and great friend to SCOPe.  We miss her and hope that the tree will bring fond memories and a plentiful harvest.  Thanks to Pat and Terry for their efforts.

It’s easy to feel isolated in the pandemic so I encourage all members to take advantage of our Facebook page and SCOPe website for member news.  Please post your doings on the Facebook page, especially some of you new members, so we can learn more about your interests.  We’ll meet with you this fall and get to know you better.

On that note, keep October 20-23 open for our Fall Conference.  October 20 is a Wednesday and we will likely check in and coordinate activities for the rest of the week.  Thursday-Saturday will be full days with time in the field and speakers, ending with an auction, EIC awards, and banquet on Saturday.  Plan on staying until the end so you don’t miss out.  We have reconfirmed our plans with our sponsors in Aiken and will start to fill in our schedule in coming months.

I highly encourage everyone to attend and we hope this one lives up to past conferences.  I just wrote a story yesterday that relied on contacts made at Black’s Camp, proof the investment you make in attendance can pay off for some time.

Keep safe and I hope our paths cross soon,

Jim Mize