President’s Message

First order of business is to give a heartfelt “Thanks and Great Job” to everyone involved in the planning, scheduling, and implementation of the SCOPE meeting at Lake Murray. Past President, and now Chairman of the Board Phillip Hunt, along with the Board of Directors and Executive Director Tricia Perea did an outstanding job. A big “Thanks” to Lake Murray Country for their amazing support and to the many guides and speakers that kept us busy and involved in a grand fashion throughout the meeting.

The primary update I have this month is Pat Robertson and I (Co-President’s for 2023/24) are busy on planning the how, when, and where for the 2024 meeting. Jim Mize is already diligently working on the next meeting site as well. Jim Mize has also agreed to Chair our Membership Committee with Brian Cope, Mike Watts and Joey Fraizer working with him. Brian Carroll and Brian Cope are Co-Chairing the 2024 Auction and members have already received an email from them, so please support them as they gear up for a big Auction event in 2024.

One request I have of the SCOPE Membership is to help the Board in our efforts to update the data regarding the number of “views” we collectively reach through our membership’s media outlets each year. Past President Pete Rogers compiled the original list when planning the 2022 Santee Cooper/Blacks Camp meeting. The number of “views” we documented as SCOPE members was much more than many would have thought and had a profound impact on helping Pete plan and organize that meeting with Santee Cooper Country. Talking with SCOPE board members at the Lake Murray Conference, we all feel that the “views” number has increased substantially. Phillip Hunt and Conference planners said the “views” number was very instrumental when planning and receiving funding for the Lake Murray Conference.

I’m asking all SCOPE Members provide Tricia Perea, our Executive Director, their updated ‘views,’ or ‘reach,’ information via email as soon as possible. With a combined audience updated total we’ll be better able help prospective hosts, and potential Supporting Members, see what they can gain by hosting and/or supporting SCOPE.

Per Past President Pete Rogers, the definition of “Views” he used was subscribers/views/audience reach per week, month, or year (any length of time) to create an annual total. For example, a monthly subscription number x 12 months for a monthly magazine. Example: 20,000 views per month for an online magazine, times 12 months, would be 240,000 views. This calculation would be done for each publication. If a weekly publication, podcast, radio show, website update, etc. then ‘views’ or ‘clicks’ per week x 52, for an annual total. This applies to any form of communication we have. Also, website views, online story views, podcast listeners, radio, magazines, books, (whatever your media outlets you have) are all separate and are part of each member’s total.

Using the above, we’ll be consistent with our data from our previous estimate. As Pete Rogers recently told me, the number of views, listeners, however we reach our audiences, may be surprisingly high, but we simply want to present the actual “reach” of SCOPE members. Pat and I believe this will be a positive and exciting year for SCOPE and we’ll keep everyone posted as we move forward.

Thanks, and please email your totals to Tricia at so we can use these updated numbers for the 2024 SCOPE Conference.

Terry Madewell