Josh Lanier

Josh Lanier was born and raised in the Upcountry of South Carolina, where he learned to fish and hunt and appreciate all that the natural world has to offer. He enjoys spending all the time he can outdoors with his family, hiking and exploring nature. Whether it is fly-fishing for trout and bass, bow hunting the backcountry, paddling the lakes and rivers or hiking the trails of the Carolinas, he draws creative inspiration from the outdoors. Josh has a strong belief that we should be stewards of our land and water, and that conservation and ethical use of our natural resources should be our greatest concern as sportsmen.

Josh’s writing focuses more on why we hunt and fish, and sharing our experiences in the outdoors with the next generation. The natural world is always the centerpiece of his writing, whether it be essays and articles, fiction, or poetry. Josh is currently working on magazine pieces for both print and online, as well as nature poetry collections, and short fiction.

You can find examples of his work at, and his website,