Fishing For Suckers

By Jim Mize

Apparently, I have a knack for catching suckers on flies.

Having confessed this, it’s not something I recommend unless you are willing to live with all that goes with it. You might try catching them when there is no one around, but if word gets out you will end up like me.

For starters, all my friends on Facebook want to see sucker pictures.  These things have a face only their mothers could love and I’m always expected to do something ridiculous in the photo like faking a kiss since the fish is already puckered up.

Then, once you establish a reputation as a sucker fly fisher man or woman, everyone forgets that you only occasionally catch suckers and really do land a trout or redfish more frequently than you catch suckers. But most fishermen do that, so you become that sucker fisherman.

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Author: Brian Cope

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