Fishing For Suckers

By Jim Mize

Apparently, I have a knack for catching suckers on flies.

Having confessed this, it’s not something I recommend unless you are willing to live with all that goes with it. You might try catching them when there is no one around, but if word gets out you will end up like me.

For starters, all my friends on Facebook want to see sucker pictures.  These things have a face only their mothers could love and I’m always expected to do something ridiculous in the photo like faking a kiss since the fish is already puckered up.

Then, once you establish a reputation as a sucker fly fisher man or woman, everyone forgets that you only occasionally catch suckers and really do land a trout or redfish more frequently than you catch suckers. But most fishermen do that, so you become that sucker fisherman.

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Archer’s Choice Media and Pete Rogers Outdoors Partner in Podcast


RE: Archer’s Choice Media and Pete Rogers Outdoors Partner in Podcast

Lanark, Illinois (XX-XX-XXXX)Archer’s Choice Media® along with Pete Rogers Outdoors announces the airing of Off Grid with Ralph and Vicki™ Podcast hosted by Pete Rogers.

Off Grid with Ralph and Vicki™ Podcast will be hosted by longtime outdoor writer photographer and speaker, Pete Rogers. Off Grid with Ralph and Vicki™, is a Podcast dedicated to archery, hunting and living the outdoor lifestyle. Launching January 7, 2019, the podcast will cover topics that are near and dear to the hearts of Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo. For over thirty years the Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo have dedicated their life to promoting the hunting and outdoor lifestyle. Producing and hosting more than 400 episodes on the Outdoor Channel during their 19-year run on the channel. Their fan base is extensive. “The podcast gives us another avenue to reach an audience we may not have reached before.” Ralph Cianciarulo says. “And it allows our fans and supporters to see a different side of us, as we discuss a wide range of topics related to hunting and living the outdoor lifestyle.”

Longtime award winning outdoor writer and speaker Pete Rogers will host the show along with Ralph and Vicki. “I am looking forward to these episodes and allowing the rest of the world to see a different side of Ralph and Vicki than the television show portrays.” Rogers says. “The Cianciarulo’s are some of the best people you will ever meet, and while some of that comes across on the TV, these conversations, we hope, will bring out their personality and their dedication to promoting the outdoor lifestyle like no other program in any format.”

Off Grid with Ralph and Vicki™ will cover a wide array of topics near and dear to the heart of Ralph and Vicki. Episodes included will cover the history of Archers Choice, early season deer tactics, hunting from ground blinds, the faith journey of Ralph and Vicki, how hunting has changed through the years, and a variety of other topics. From time to time we will bring in other guests to discuss topics our fans want to hear about.

Off Grid with Ralph and Vicki™ will also be available on YouTube! Each episode is filmed and will air on the new Off Grid with Ralph and Vicki™ YouTube channel!

Off Grid with Ralph and Vicki™ will air twice a month beginning January 7, 2019 on; Apple Podcast, Google Play, and Spotify. Check your local podcast provider for episodes.

About Archer’s Choice Media Inc.

Archer’s Choice Media Inc (AC Media), was founded in 1985 by Ralph Cianciarulo. Well known as the production company behind the award-winning outdoor television shows Archer’s Choice® and The Choice®. AC Media also specializes in full production services covering commercials, broadcast shows, promotional videos, and web content. For more information on Archer’s Choice Media and their production capabilities please contact Fred Lagos at 815-493-8998


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About Pete Rogers Outdoors

Pete Rogers Outdoors is the brand behind outdoor writer and author, photographer, and seminar speaker Pete Rogers of Taylors, SC. Pete Rogers annually produces over 120 articles and more than 400 photographs for various outdoor outlets. An award-winning writer and photographer, he is the author of two books; Times Well Spent: Ramblings from a Sportsman’s Life, winner of 2012 Best Book from the South Carolina Outdoor Press Association and his latest book, released in spring of 2018, So, You Want to Hunt Turkeys. For more information or to request him to speak at your next event contact him at; .

Contact: 864-275-6034

Bear Necessities

by Jim Mize

Backwoods travelers learn many skills, some not because they plan to use them, but because they hope not to. In this category, you can include administering first aid, living without toilet paper, and running into bears.

Learning about bears requires not only picking up new ideas, but forgetting a few preconceived notions. For instance, when I was growing up, I thought three kinds of bears roamed the woods: black bears, grizzly bears, and Big Ol’ Bears. Black bears ate honey, grizzly bears ate fish, and Big Ol’ Bears ate people.

Usually Big Ol’ Bears showed up in late night stories told under the questionable notion of pumping a kid full of scary stories to put him to sleep. The story usually went like this:

“There we were, minding our own business, when suddenly out stepped a Big Ol’ Bear!”

Just as an aside, “minding our own business” was also a key phrase, and along the way I decided this was a prerequisite to trouble and something I have since tried to avoid.

As most naturalists know, bears are actually quite tolerant, and if you want proof, look at the tale of Goldilocks. She broke into the bears’ house, ate their food, damaged their chairs, slept in their beds, and was then caught on the premises. The bears had her outnumbered three to one and let her off without so much as a warning ticket. Even Goldilocks must hold bears in high esteem.

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A New Novel By L. Woodrow Ross “Burial Ground”


Just released on Amazon Kindle, “Burial Ground” by L. Woodrow Ross. This 190 page fictional account of the desecration of an Indian burial ground in Yellowstone National Park is exciting from beginning to end. It tells of the discovery of a cover-up, murder, and the dedication of a Native American who lives in West Yellowstone, Montana. Adam Running Wolf is a fly fishing outfitter and guide. He is a Blackfoot Indian and lives close to nature in the modern world.

Adam and his friends embark on a suspense filled effort to avenge the death of a close friend and it leads to a path of adventure, danger and ultimately ends in a surprising way.

It is a great value for the historical commentary, and it offers a look at the poor treatment of Native Americans by a certain groups of people.

Get yours today:

Never a Stranger by Jim Mize

A new fly shop opened in town, so on the first available Saturday morning, one too hot to fish, I visited to meet the owner, talk fish, and pick up some fly-tying groceries. As I entered, I paused momentarily to let my eyes adjust from the glare outside.

A large black shape moved toward me, gave me a sniff and licked my hand. My improved vision identified it as a Lab and already I liked the fly-shop greeter. He had two legs up on the Wal-Mart greeters, though I will concede the Wal-Mart greeters have considerably better etiquette on where they stick their noses.

The proprietor rose from his fly-tying bench in the back and ambled forward, adjusting his glasses on his nose to look over the top.  He was a wiry guy, with grizzly hackle hair and beard and a firm handshake.

“Howdy, I’m Spyder.”

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Sporting Classics releases new deer hunting book edited by Jim Casada

The Greatest Deer Hunting Book Ever, edited by Jim Casada, is available now.


A full year of researching, collecting, and reading hundreds of stories and essays, both fiction and nonfiction, underlies the creation of The Greatest Deer Hunting Book Ever.

Edited and compiled by veteran sporting scribe Jim Casada, the book’s 465 pages feature 43 stories from some of America’s most revered authors, among them William Faulkner, Robert Ruark, Theodore Roosevelt, Archibald Rutledge, Gene Hill, Jack O’Connor, Gordon MacQuarrie and dozens of others.

Collectively, these carefully chosen selections open wide the door to literary wonder. As you read these stories, you’ll chuckle, experience the occasional catch in your throat or tear in your eye, and venture afield vicariously with deer hunters/writers who instinctively knew how to take readers to the setting of their tales. In these pages the deer season is always open and the sport’s joys endlessly unfold.

Along with the stories, Casada provides a solid introduction to the book, brief commentary on each selection, biographical vignettes of every contributor, and a bibliographical essay on the literature of deer hunting.

The Greatest Deer Hunting Book Ever is available in a hardbound edition for $40 and a deluxe, numbered edition, limited to 350 copies bound in leather and featuring gilded end sheets and edges, for $70.  Both versions are signed by the editor and are available from him (include $5 shipping) c/o 1250 Yorkdale Drive, Rock Hill, SC 29730 or his website,

Hunter realizes he’s being hunted by bobcat

Have you ever been hunting, but felt as though you were the one being hunted? That’s just the feeling Logan Foster of Chester, S.C. felt one morning last month while duck hunting with a friend in a creek bottom that was known to hold ducks. But it wasn’t just a feeling. Foster realized before it was too late that a bobcat was waiting to attack, mistaking his wood duck calling for an early morning snack.


“As daylight approached, I could hear something walking behind in the brush. I didn’t think much of it, and as time passed, I was blowing my wood duck whistle, trying to get the attention of a lone woodie flying through the tree tops,” said Foster.

He heard the walking again, but this time, the sound was closer, and beside him instead of behind him.

“The walking sound came back, but this time it was beside me in the creek bed. I started looking harder and saw a black object creeping up slowly beside me in the grass. Suddenly, this huge bobcat jumped out and charged at me and my decoys, thinking I was a lone wood duck and his first easy meal of the day,” he said.

But Foster made quick work of the bobcat.

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